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Create account Instagram: As I explained in the article “What is Instagram?”, this social network is absolutely focused on mobile devices (mobiles and tablets) and this causes it to be a completely different platform from the rest.
When you enter the social network of photographs you have 2 options to register in Instagram.

The first option offered by Instagram is to register through the Fb account. Essentially it is about using exactly the same Fb user to create an Instagram account.

The second option is to use your e-mail to register at Instagram. It will depend on whether or not you have a Facebook account, and whether or not you wish to have the 2 accounts linked.

I always and at all times advise you to register with Instagram using exactly the same e-mail address, as you can link the accounts later on.

create account instagram

The steps to create an Instagram account from your pc

  • All you have to do is open your favourite browser and, in the address bar, write the URL of Instagram: to directly access the homepage of this social network
  • Fill in the form with your user details


When you are already on the website, the next step is to point out the next data:

  • Your mobile number or e-mail address
  • Your name
  • The user name you want to have (it must be unique or you won’t be able to finish this process)
  • The access key with which to limit access to the rest of the planet
  • Once completed, click on the “Register” button and you are done

The steps to create an Instagram account from your mobile

  • Download Instagram in your Application Store if you have an iPhone or in Play Store if your device is Android type.
  • Open the app.
  • Register with mail.
  • Create your username (@user).
  • Choose your password.

Differences between a profile and a company profile

The company profile will give you statistics about your account, your followers and your shared contents and a normal profile will not give you any kind of statistics.
In the company profile will appear under our name the genre of company we have, as in our page Fb.
In the company profile we have 2 buttons calls to action that we do not have in a normal profile, to send an e-mail and how to get there. You can only promote a company profile.

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