Create account Netflix

Create account Netflix: You can create a Netflix account from the Netflix site, via the mobile application or by choosing the Netflix channel on your broadcast device on your TV. Most streaming devices (like Roku) require you to create an account from the website, while others (like Apple TV) will guide you through the process from the TV. Learn how to create a Netflix account to start watching your favorite shows and movies from any device.

create account netflix

Steps to follow to create a Netflix account and enjoy a month without trial cost

We can create a Netflix account from your official website, from the Netflix application on your mobile or from the Netflix application on your smartTV. However, the easiest and recommended option is from the computer through your website. Therefore, the first thing to do is to open a browser window and also go to the Netflix site.

To register on Netflix you must click on enjoy a month at no cost. The conditions of this affiliation will appear. Then, choose to see plans. The next page specifies the 3 available memberships: basic, standard and premium. Choose the one you are interested in.

The basic plan is the easiest and will let you access with a single device and you will not be able to watch programs in high definition (HD). The standard lets you use 2 displays at a time in HD. While the premium plan guarantees the use of 4 devices simultaneously in HD and HD Ultra.

Next, create your account by entering an email and a password. Press continue and you will enter the different payment options that Netflix offers.

Then, proceed to enter each and every one of the payment details and with one last click, you will begin your membership in Netflix.

You can also create your account from your mobile device or tablet by downloading the Netflix application. The first thing is to procure it through the Google Play Store if your operating system is Android or the Application Store in iOS. Proceed to install the application. The rest of the procedure is similar to the previous one.

Once you have created the new account, you can return to your account. To do so, just click on the name of the account holder in the top right corner of the screen and choose Log out of Netflix. You can then log back in to your account.

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