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Create facebook account: To get started, you need to know that the words account and profile refer to the same thing. Having this distinction clear, now let’s follow the steps you must follow to create an account in this social network. In the article I am going to instruct you in a very simple way how to start a session in Fb and how to create one in Fb from scratch.

Everything you need to know to join a social network that in recent times records a whopping number of thousands and billions of active monthly users, something that multiplies considerably if you broaden the spectrum of each and every registered. You can be one of them and connect with each and every one of those around you, just do what we explain now.

create account facebook

Steps to create facebook account (computer)

Go to the official facebook site with the following link. To do this you just have to fill in the fields below:

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Mobile number or email
  • Re-enter the mobile or mail
  • New password
  • Date of birth
  • If you are a man or a woman
  • When you have finished and added all these data is as easy as clicking on the button “Register“.

Steps to create facebook account (mobile)

The first thing you need to do to create an Fb account is to install the Facebook application on your mobile phone. To do this, go to the relevant store application (App Store for iPhones and Google Play for Android phones), search for the Fb application and download it.

If you have space problems on your mobile, you can download Facebook Lite, which is a reduced version of the Fb application. It takes much less time to install, but retains exactly the same basic functions as the normal application.
Once you have downloaded and installed the application, open it. On the start screen:

  • Click Create Facebook Account
  • On the screen that now appears, click Next
  • Enter your first and last name
  • Enter your date of birth
  • Enter your gender
  • Enter your mobile number to contrast
  • Choose a password
  • To finish, click on Register. If there is any problem with your password, the system will make you go back to change it.

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