Create google account drive

Create google account drive: is a user account that lets you access Google-owned services such as Blogger, YouTube, and Google Groups. Creating a Google Account automatically creates a Gmail account. An account can be created by logging in with a Gmail email address, but there are other ways. Accounts in European Union countries used to use the domain “” because Google did not own the brand.

Otherwise, with Google accounts we can ask for mail, watch videos, share documents and even do office work, among many other functions. They are the only way to get the most out of this platform that has taken over the Internet through your PC or any other device, and having one is practically essential, especially if you are a user of an Android terminal, where it is almost mandatory.

create account google drive

So how do you create a free Google Account? Surely it’s something you’ve asked yourself when you buy a new mobile or if you take your first steps into the digital ocean. Thank God, you have in this text each and every one of the answers you need, since we are going to explain everything you must do to open your new user to do it for a minor under your tutelage. 2 different processes, but quite essential in this regard.

Steps to Create google account drive

Step 1:
The first thing we will do is open the browser of your choice and, in the search bar, type

Step 2:
Next, the Google Drive page will be opened. There, click the Go to Google Drive button.

Step 3:
A login page will open. Click on the Create account option.

Step 4:
You will see a form to create a new account. Fill in each of the spaces, including the captcha, so you can verify that you are not a robot, and, when finished, accept the terms of service and privacy policies.

Step 5:
Click on the Next step button. Congratulations, you already have your Google Account created!

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