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Email has been around for more than forty years since it was first used in the 1960s. Today it is one of the most widely used means of communication in the world. It lets you instantly connect and send messages between remote places on Earth. It is the basis of communication between companies, friends and family.

Email accounts are not only used to send and receive information, but also to identify and authenticate us in many of the services offered on the network of networks.
That is why it is necessary to actively participate in the Internet, to have more than one account. One of them for personal purposes, another for the work or student planet and one dedicated only to authenticate us in the services we mention and thus not compromise our private information.

create new account email
Mail has become an essential part of online life, often separated by social networks, the reality is that after virtually every account we create in virtually any service there is an email address, which is necessary to contrast accounts, to recover passwords, to perceive notifications and even help.

And since we can use email accounts strange to our Internet distributor, here we have a listing of the websites but essential that offer email accounts at no cost.

These sites that we are going to see now, offer mail accounts without cost, although we are not clients of the service and as a general rule they are accustomed to work really well.

Create Hotmail account, now Outlook Mail.
Create GMail email account
Create Yahoo mail account

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