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New google account: In this guide we explain everything step by step and with all the details. If you want to register a new account in Google plus, open one for a minor or solve certain doubts about Gmail, we bring you each and every one of the solutions so you do not have problems when it comes to using everything.

Having a user on this platform is something simple and full of advantages, so this is a good help to take advantage of the potential that hides the Internet. Otherwise, a Google plus account is the key to access each and every one of the products and services offered by this company, many of which are free.

new account google

In this sense, registering for a Google plus account is a quick process, however, you will have to give some personal data. Follow this guide to find out what you need to do to get the most out of Google+. After creating a Google+ account, users can add other Google plus applications. The account settings are saved in one place, but many applications can store their own settings.

If you don’t know how to open a new account in Google plus, now we’ll leave you with each and every one of the steps you need to take from your computer to achieve it.

Steps to New google account easily

Step 1. To create your Google Account, we must go to your official site by clicking this link.

Step 2. Fill in the form that appears, it’s very simple:

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Username (remember you can use this account for each and every Google+ application)
  • Password (minimum 8 characters)
  • Date of birth
  • Sex
  • Mobile phone (the number is used in order for Google plus to keep your account safe)
  • Current email account (the current email account is used for Google+ to keep your account secure)
  • Text (Google+ prompts you to type text that you see in an image)
  • Finally accept the conditions of use and click on Next step

Step 3. Now you have to check your Google+ account, it will ask you how you want your verification code (SMS or voice call) to be sent to you. Choose the option you prefer.

Step 4. We have to wait a few minutes until we get the security code, put it in the box and click on continue. You will be asked to create your public Google+ profile, if you do not wish to do so now click on No, thank you.

Congratulations, your account is now available for use in gmail, youtube, google plus, google drive, etc!

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